No TVbugsy

We have been renting a bunch of appliances for the past couple of months while we got the cash together to buy. One of those appliances was a television. Last week we managed to find a fridge and washing machine to replace the rentals, so we decided to send all the rentals back… Now for the forseeable future, we have no television.

It’s been really wierd tonight. Especially when the first thing I feel like doing when I get home is watching a repeat of The Simpsons, even though it’s one I’ve seen 12 times (though sometimes there’s the odd gem I haven’t seen at all… not often, but sometimes. Oh well now we might have to find some hobbies! Maybe it’s time to get my camera out again, I’m thinking about doing a Portrait photography course in a month or so. I suck at portrait photography, so it might be good!

Hmmm, it could be the first step to actually properly getting back into writing on this thing…

Stay tuned, we’ll be right back after these messages…

  • Mark Says:

    So now you’re just going to stare at another box instead of the tv eh? Yay for blogging!! I think it’s about time we reinstated the war of the blogs… viva!!!

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